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Eco Works® 70 Shrink Film
Description: Eco Works 70 Shrink Film Bio-Based, Biodegradable & Compostable products are specifically designed to replace non-degradable, oxo-biodegradable, and other polyolefin-based products for a wide range of applications. Compared to HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE, Eco Works 70 Shrink Film has improved strength while adhering to strict guidelines for commercial compostability as detailed in ASTM D 6400. In additon, Eco Works 70 Shrink Film will shrink up to 80% forming a transparent, hard, durable skin tight film.Eco Works 70 Shrink Film is heavily composed of corn-based resin resulting in flexible films ideally suited to pair with PLAbased rigid containers and products. Unlike “starch” containing bags, the corn-based polymer used in Eco Works 70 Shrink Film has strength, temperature, and moisture resistance equal to or greater than non-degradable polyethylene. Eco Works 70 Shrink Film is available in standard forms; semirigid sheeting, thin gauge flexible films, and bags. Versions of Eco Works 70 Shrink Film are also available for some shrink film, food contact, and pouching/lidding applications. Eco Works 70 Shrink Film masterbatch is also made available for select applications and is suitable for many molded, thermoformed, or laminated applications.
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