Comparing VpCI-386 Yellow to Sherwin Williams Water Based Industrial Paint

Background: ASAP rental would like to coat their equipment to lengthen the equipments useable lifespan.

Purpose: Compare VpCI-386 Yellow to Sherwin Williams Water based Industrial Paint.

Materials: VpCI-386 Yellow

Sherwin Williams Water Based Industrial Coating

Method: ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Chamber

ASTM D-1748 Humidity Cabinet

ASTM D-3359 Adhesion by Tape Test

Procedure: The following method was followed:

    1. 3 panels were coated with Sherwin Williams Ind. Coating, 3 panels - with VCI-386 yellow
      1. A 6-mil WFT coating was applied, which should give approximately 2 mil dry film thickness DFT
      2. The panels were allowed to air dry for 30 minutes and then placed in an oven at 50° C for 24 hours to aid in curing.
      3. The panels were then tested according to the 3 ASTM’s listed above.

Results: The following Results were found:



Salt Spray*, 122 hours

Humidity, 166 hours

Sherwin Williams








The Salt Spray results are measured according to ASTM D-1654 (scale from 0 to 10)

Conclusion: VpCI-386 yellow is a superior coating for steel compared to Sherwin Williams Industrial Paint.

Project #: 02-114-1525

Estimated Cost of Project: 3.5 hours

For: Eric Lindquist, ASAP Rental

From: Brian L. Wuertz

Date: 06-13-2002

cc: Boris Miksic Anna Vignetti

Art Ahlbrecht Margarita Kharshan

Cliff Cracauer Vanessa Schultz