M 240 Prevents Corrosion Caused by Neopren Based Adhesive

Background: Water based contact cement (Neopren based adhesive) causes the corrosion of carbon steel. Customer would like to find the additive to prevent this corrosion.

Purpose: To evaluate the performance of M 240 in neoprene based adhesive.

Method: Flash rust test

Half immersion test

Materials: Water based contact cement (Neoprene based adhesive - NBA), submitted by Franklin International.

M 240

Panels (Carbon Steel SAE 1010)

Methanol (Lab grade)


    1. Sample was prepared :
    2. 98%NBA+2% M 240 (% by weight)

    3. Compatibility of NBA with M 240 was evaluated. Sample was subjected to 14 days of heating at 40oC. The appearance of the product was visually evaluated.
    4. Flash rust test was performed. Panels were cleaned with methanol, air dried, coated with products to test and air-dried at the room temperature for 24 hours. After that, panels were visually evaluated for the presence of corrosion.
    5. Half immersion test was performed according to the standard procedure for 96 hours at the room temperature.




Compatibility, changes in appearance

Flash rust test, presence of corrosion

Half immersion test, presence of corrosion


No changes


Corrosion on the edges

98%NBA +2%M 240

No changes

No visible corrosion

No visible corrosion

(See attached photos)

Conclusion: M 240 prevents corrosion of carbon steel caused by Water Based Contact Cement (Neopren based adhesive), when added to it at concentration level of 2% by weight.

Project #02-119-1325

To: Lori Hilson, TH Hilson

For: Franklin International

From: Alla Furman/ Ivana Liposcak

Cc: Boris Miksic Margarita Kharshan

Anna Vignetti Ashish Gandhi

Art Ahlbrecht Vanessa Schultz