Compatibility of Cortec Additives with Fuchs Fineblanking Oil

Background: A.T. Wall currently utilizes Fuchs Fineblanking Oil 43 Light with Fuchs Chlorlok-BLK added for corrosion protection. They are exploring other options for corrosion inhibition.

Purpose: Determine which Cortec additive will provide the best corrosion protection when mixed with Fuchs Fineblanking Oil 43 Light.

Materials: M-238


Fuchs Fineblanking Oil 43 Light

Fuchs Chlorlok-BLK

Method: ASTM D-1748, Humidity Cabinet

Standardized Compatibility Test

Procedure: The following samples were created:

Table 1


The following procedure was followed:

    1. The samples were mixed and observed
      1. Compatibility is rated as a homogenous mixture with no gelling, precipitates, adverse reactions, or other deleterious affects
      2. The sample is listed as ok if considered compatible.
    2. The samples are cycled, 8 hours at 0° C and 16 hours 50° C, and observed at the different intervals. This is considered one cycle and the test is three cycles in duration.


    1. Carbon Steel panels were coated mixtures listed in table 1 and allowed to dry for 24 hours
    2. The panels were placed in the humidity cabinet for 296 hours, periodically inspected, removed, pictures were taken and a report was written.

Results: The following results were found:

ASTM-D-1748 Humidity Cabinet


Time to Failure (hours)









DNF = did not fail during the test, 296 hours

Conclusion: M-238 and M-529 are fully compatible with Fuchs Fineblanking Oil 43 Light, and they both outperform Fuchs Chlorlok-BLK in corrosion protection when added to the base oil.

Project #: 02-219-1325

Estimated Cost of Project: 5.5 hours

For: Jacquelyn M. Miranda, A.T. Wall

From: Brian L. Wuertz

Date: 09-23-2002

cc: Boris Miksic

Anna Vignetti

Art Ahlbrecht

Rita Kharshan

Ashish Gandhi

Vanessa Schultz