Comparison of Fremont 5032 to Cortec Rust Preventatives

Background: Precision Coatings currently utilizes Fremont 5032 as a Corrosion Inhibitor

Purpose: Compare the corrosion protection provided by Cortec’s VpCI®products to Fremont 5032.

Materials: Fremont 5032



EcoLine Cutting Fluid

Carbon Steel Bolts, provided by Precision Coatings

Method: Humidity Cabinet, Modified ASTM-D-1748

Procedure: The following procedure was followed:

    1. The bolts provided by Precision Coatings were coated as listed below:
    2. After coating the parts were allowed to dry for over 24 hours and then suspended in the humidity cabinet.
    3. Periodically the bolts were inspected, after 72 hours they were removed.
    4. Pictures were taken of the bolts and a report was written.

Results: The following results were found:

DNF = did not fail during testing

Conclusion: EcoLine Cutting Fluid, VpCI-377, and VpCI-378 provided excellent corrosion protection to the bolts provided by Precision Coatings.

Project #: 02-220-1825

Estimated Cost of Project: 4.5 hours

For: David Katz, Precision Coatings

From: Brian L. Wuertz

Date: 11-4-2002

cc: Boris Miksic

Anna Vignetti

Art Ahlbrecht

Cliff Cracauer

Bob Boyle

Ashish Gandhi

Vanessa Schultz