Protection of Fish Hooks for Mustad and Sons A.S

Background: Mustad and Sons are one of the largest deep sea fishing hook manufacturers in the world. Deep-sea fishing hooks face one of the toughest environments to protect against corrosion. Mustad and Sons A.S. would like to find a better rust preventative for their products.

Purpose: Compare Cortec High Performance Coatings to the Rust Preventative, RP, currently in use by Mustad and Sons A.S.

Materials: VpCI-389D 3:1

Houghton Rustveto MP

Method: Modified ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Test

Procedure: The following procedure was followed:

    1. The fishing hooks were rinsed with methanol to remove any contaminants
    2. One hook was coated with VpCI-389D and the other was dipped in Rust Veto MP (Control)
    3. The hooks were allowed to dry and were placed in the salt spray cabinet.
    4. Periodically the hooks were inspected and they were removed after 21 days (504 hours)
    5. The fishhooks were inspected, pictures were taken and a report was written.

Results: The fishhook coated with Rust Veto failed after 13 days (312 hours) and the hook coated with VpCI-389D did not fail during the test (over 500 hours).

Conclusion: VpCI-389 provided much better corrosion protection to the fishing hooks in the salt spray chamber than the Rust Veto MP.

Project #: 02-244-1825

Estimated Cost of Project: 5 hours

To: Øyvind Sætre, Presserv

For: Mustad & Sons AS

From: Brian L. Wuertz

Date: 12-12-2002

cc: Boris Miksic

Anna Vignetti

Art Ahlbrecht

Rita Kharshan

Cliff Cracauer

Vanessa Schultz

Dario Dell’Orto