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A Preliminary Model for Correlation of Plasmon Resonance Spectra with Adherence Properties of Corrosion Inhibitors "VpCI-415"; S. G. Lambrakos, P. P. Trzaskoma-Paulette, N. Tran, Corrosion 2005, NACE, Paper #05323
Advantages of the Simultaneous Use of Corrosion Inhibitors and Inorganic Coatings; G. Batis, Cement and Concrete Technology in the 2000's Second International Symposium, 6-10 September 2000. Istanbul, Turkey
Applications for Biodegradable Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors; M. Kharshan, and C. Cracauer; Cortec Corporation; Saint Paul, Minnesota
Battling Corrosion with Vapor Corrosion Innhibiting Coatings Featured in Coatings Tech Magazine!
Coating of Refrigerator Coils
Corrosion Protection for Welded Joints
Corrosion Protection Methods of Structural Steel Against Atmospheric Corrosion; E. Dafloua , E. Rakantab, G. Batisc
Cortec EcoShield Barrier Coating Transforms Paper and Linerboard Featured in Industry Europe Magazine!
Cortec® EcoShield® Barrier Coating Transforms Paper and Linerboard into Recyclable Alternative to Wax and Polycoated Moisture Barrier Papers and Corrugated Board
EC Technology Forum on ACE Coatings ; Markus Bieber
Helping Prevent Corrosion One Molecule at a Time Featured in PPCJ Magazine!
High Performance Water Based Coating Enhanced with Nano Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors; Markus Bieber
High-Performance Water-Based Coating Enhanced with Nano-Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors; Markus Bieber
Inhibited Polymeric Coatings Basic Principles and Future Perspectives; B. A. Miksic, FNACE; Cortec Corporation; NACE; 1976
Method Developed to Protect "Insurance Spares"; M.V. Veazey, Materials Performance; December 2003.
New White Paper Confirms Compatibility of Cortec® Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Welded Joints
Novel Approach to Tank Lining Coatings; A. Green; Cortec Corporation, St.Paul, MN; 2009
Removable Coatings for Up to One Year Service Life in the Oil and Gas Market Featured in MP Magazine!; Markus Bieber
Rust Converter with Improved Adhesion for Topcoats; Sanja Martinez, Boris Miksic, Ivan Rogan, Antonio Ivankovic
Temporary Coating for In Process or Storage Applications; Markus Bieber
Temporary Coating for up to One Year Service Life; Markus Bieber
Using a Float Coat for Preservation of Large-Volume Storage Systems; John Wulterkens, Casey Heurung
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings; M. Prenosil; Cortec Corporation; FSCT; 1998
Water-Based Coatings Powered by Nanoparticle Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors; Boris A. Miksic, FNACE, Margarita Kharshan, Ron Camp
Water-Based Coatings Powered by NANO-VpCI
Water-based Coatings Powered by NANO-VpCI, technical paper presented at Advances in Coatings Technology International Conference in Sosnowiec, Poland, October 2014; B.A. Miksic, M. Kharshan, R. Camp